Visiting Mayor of London Borough of Brent meets Foreign Minister

Dhaka, 10 January :
The visiting Mayor of the London Borough of Brent Parvez Ahmed has met Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali at his office in Dhaka today. Mayor Parvez Ahmed, a Labour Party member and one of the 63 Councillors who became assumed charge as Mayor in last May, is the first Bangladeshi origin British to hold this prestigious position of Brent Borough, a multi-ethnic (mostly Asian) area of the greater City of London.
Recalling his acquaintance with Mayor Ahmed during his tenure as Bangladesh High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (1996-2001), Mahmood Ali expressed his satisfaction at the participation of Bangladeshi Diaspora in British politics. He further expressed optimism that his visit will further enhance people-to-people contact and strengthen long-standing historic relations of the two countries. He encouraged establishing more functional ties between two mega cities of the world, London and Dhaka.
Mayor Ahmed assured Foreign Minister Ali to take active initiatives to engage two city corporations of Dhaka with his constituency, particularly focusing on sharing experiences on waste management. Foreign Minister Ali further encouraged more involvement of Bangladeshi Diaspora in promoting trade and investment between Bangladesh and the UK. Foreign Minister Ali reassured Mayor Ahmed to convey to the relevant authorities the concerns expressed by him about the aspirations of the expatriate Bangladesh community for enhanced consular services.

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